Sis! Do you feel like each insurance company has their own 'secret handshake' when it comes to billing?

Well. Unfortunately, it's kinda. Sorta. True. 

But fret NOT chica my Cheat Sheet will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully bill the major insurance companies. 


Grab my Cheat Sheet NOW!

Trust me. I Get it. Billing insurance as an RD is some hard shit. 

When I became credentialed with the insurance companies in 2008, there were NO resources on how to bill insurance as an RD. Nada. Zilch. So I pretty much had to create my own Cheat Sheet as I went along. Fast forward, to 2021 and SOOOO much has changed regarding EXACTLY how to bill insurance to get paid. And I promise, this veteran insurance-based dietitian has YOU covered with her Cheat Sheet on exactly how to bill each insurance company. 

My Fabulous Cheat Sheet is every Insurance-Based Dietitian's 'Hail Mary' ...

It provides you with the EXACT codes in the RIGHT combination so you can get paid the $$$$$ you deserve as a dietitian.

Are you getting one REJECTION after another and can't figure out WHAT combination of CPT codes, ICD 10 codes & modifiers must be used on the claim to get paid? 

Trying to figure out what the insurance companies MEAN when they say the patient is covered under their 'preventative' benefits?

Wondering WHY your telehealth claim wasn't paid your full-contract rate?

If you answered  'yes' to any of these questions then my Cheat Sheet for Fabulous Dietitians Billing the Major Insurances Companies is for YOU! 


Get the Insurance Cheat Sheet NOW!

My Cheat Sheet provides you with ...

The EXACT codes (and combinations!) you need to use to successfully bill Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Medicare & United Health Care 

The current telehealth codes you MUST use for EACH insurance company to get paid in FULL for your visits

How to specifically use modifier 33 to identify with certain insurance companies that the visit was preventative in nature 

What codes are helpful to use to get MORE (and in some cases UNLIMITED) visits

What my Cheat Sheet DOES NOT do ...

The information contained in this cheat sheet is NOT intended to replace verifying your patient’s MNT benefits. My hope more so is that this information ‘points you in the right direction’ with the UNIQUE and sometimes frustrating nuances of the individual insurance companies.

As ALWAYS a patient’s MNT benefits are dictated not only by the particular insurance carrier BUT each patient’s specific policy. Therefore, there is no UNIVERSAL coverage for MNT even within the same insurance company.

Get the Cheat Sheet NOW!

Cheat Sheet for Billing Insurance


  • Aetna
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • United Health Care

A summary with the exact steps on how to bill the major insurance 

For each insurance company I tell you which CPT codes they accept, what ICD 10 codes you can expect to be covered, as well as how to bill for telehealth to get paid in full.