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How to Integrate High Ticket Packages with Insurance 

The webinar was live on 9.16.20


Move over, self-pay model! And say ‘hello’ to the most lucrative money-making practice model yet -  accepting health insurance AND combining it with your already established cash-based programs. 


Yup. Read that one again. 


Did you know you can integrate your client’s insurance benefits directly into your programs and packages? 


By the end of the webinar you will be able to

Describe the 4 critical aspects of reimbursement important to packages

Identify my 6-phase process necessary for integrating insurance w/packages

Create a package of your own using insurance



Medicare 101: The Basics 

This webinar was live on 11.14.20


Commercial insurance payers can be confusing. But Medicare can feel like an entirely different (and equally overwhelming!) beast. 


But it doesn't have to be. 


Did you know Medicare is ACTUALLY pretty straightforward when it comes to billing and getting reimbursed? #igotyousis 


By the end of the webinar you will be able to

Describe the 3 different Medicare Enrollment Application RDs are presented with & determine which one to complete 

Summarize the 4 different 'types' of Medicare & determine 'where' to submit a claim to each type of plan  

Identify the CPT codes & ICD 10 codes RDs can bill Medicare with 



How to Sell a la Carte Services Like the Badass RD you Are

The webinar was live on 11.21.20


Price is what they pay. VALUE is what they get. Making an impact through a la carte services/products in your insurance-based practice can bring in some serious cheddar.


The possibilities for services & products are literally endless, Sis!  


Did you know you can bill patients for services in addition to MNT? You better believe you can! And there is a good chance some of these services you are offering your patients already for free. No mas, Sis! No mas, Sis! 


By the end of the webinar you will be able to

Describe exactly what services & products can be billed to the patient and NOT insurance 

Summarize the importance of a la carte services for your bottom line in your insurance-based practice 

Identify at least 10 different a la carte services & products you can start selling in your practice ASAP 



Licensure 101: What EVERY SINGLE RD Needs to Know 

The webinar was live on 12.16.20


Oh, good ol' licensure. The perpetual thorn in the side of every virtual insurance-based RD's existence. 


Juuuuuuust kidding. Licensure rules are NOT that bad when you know how to successfully navigate them. 


Did you know even in red states (aka licensure state) there are often exclusions in which you can actually practice without a license in that state? The proof is unfortunately in the details, Sis! And in this webinar, we dive DEEP. Like really DEEP. And cover EVERYTHING (the itty-bitty details) you need to know about licensure. Trust me I don't leave any stones unturned. 


By the end of the webinar you will be able to

Define key definitions r/t licensure

Identify why licensure is important

Summarize the best practices for virtual RDs when it comes to licensure




Telehealth for Insurance-Based RDs: What's the Deal? 

This webinar was live on 1.20.21


Telehealth is somewhat of a new thang for insurance-based RDs. While some states have had telehealth coverage for the last couple of years, most states JUST started covering the service in March of 2020 during the pandemic. 


So essentially how we code & bill for telehealth is hot off the press shall we say? 


But don't worry superstar RD #igotyousis. 


By the end of the webinar you will be able to


Describe exactly HOW you MUST bill EACH insurance company to get paid 

Identify the CORRECT billing practices for telehealth  

Summarize the different HIPAA compliant delivery systems RDs can use for telehealth




How to Successfully Market your Insurance-Based Practice 

This webinar was live on 3.27.21


In this 2 hour (plus!) webinar we DIVE deep into some of the true and tried tactics I have used to market my practice to a multi 6-figure. In this webinar I cover: 


What does the term marketing really mean for us?

The value of niching down

Why having an epic mission statement can make or break your practice


What are the best marketing channels for your practice?


'Things' that have helped me


How to make marketing work for YOU!


Marketing used to be one of my least favorite topics! Now, I absolutely love marketing and selling my brands. I am hoping you will take away a couple of juicy nuggets and soon realize that marketing is not HARD when you show up every damn day and deliver killer value that only a rockstar dietitian (like yourself) is capable of doing. 



How to Ace Your Insurance Audit

This webinar was live on 4.3.21


In this webinar, I discuss what to expect from an insurance audit. More importantly that insurance audits I discuss in detail what is more or less expected to demonstrate medical necessity for an insurance-based patient. Trust me - you KNOW how to document. So, don't freak out. What I am going to tell you in this webinar I promise will NOT blow your mind. It will only serve as a refresher of what you learned during your internship and tenure as a clinical dietitian. 


In the webinar you can expect to learn the following

What to EXPECT during an insurance audit

What 'sufficient' documentation looks like for an insurance audit

What are the best practices for MNT documentation for insurance based RDs




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