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Cheat Sheet for Fabulous Dietitians Billing The Major Insurance Companies

Holy Cow! 


THIS is THE guide every insurance-based dietitian has been waiting for: The Reimbursement Dietitian's Cheat Sheet for the Major National Insurance Companies: Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, Bluecross Blueshield & Medicare. 


The information contained in this cheat sheet is NOT intended to replace verifying your patient’s MNT benefits. My hope more so is this information ‘points you in the right direction’ with the UNIQUE and sometimes frustrating nuances of the individual insurance companies.


As you will see EACH insurance company has its own 'secret handshake' when it comes to billing.


You must use the proper CPT code in combination with a known (and verified!) ICD 10 code. In addition, each insurance company has certain rules in terms of exactly HOW they require you to bill to identify a telehealth visit. I do my best to outline these key combinations in the Cheat Sheet. 


For each of the major insurance companies (Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Medicare & United Health Care) I share:

  • What CPT codes they typically accept 
  • What ICD 10 codes they typically accept 
  • The current telehealth codes they are requesting RDs bill with 
  • Typical billing limitations 
  • How each of the insurance company defines 'preventative' services 
  • Best practices for maximizing getting paid 

However, just to reiterate, this fabulous Cheat Sheet is NOT intended to replace verifying (or having your patient's verify) MNT benefits. 


While we don't personally verify our patient's benefits (we put it 100 % on THEM) I think it is super-important.


Soooo important that I am actually providing you with an awesome Verification of Benefits when you purchase the Cheat Sheet.


Pinky swear you will have someone verify your patient's MNT benefits before their visit? 


Okay, kool! 


I hope you enjoy these goodies as much I do. 


Cheers to your success! 


Hugs & High Fives - Amy