All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Insurance Based Practice


Level 1


Who is Level 1 for? 


Level 1 is a foundation program for RDs who are totally NEW to accepting insurance. In addition, Level 1 is for you if you have been working for another clinic or practice and need to credential and learn how to bill on your own. You guys are THE OGs. You are the original reason why I created my Group Reimbursement Coaching Program. So you can imagine I am beyond stoked to have YOU!  At this level, we cover it ALL. Credentialing, billing, how to select an EMR, establishing your rates, marketing, etc. Click HERE to see the full curriculum.


All information is presented and exchanged in a group setting. There is no one-on-one coaching offered in Level 1. More so because you will not need it at this stage. Level 1 literally covers EVERY single aspect of successfully setting up and running your insurance-based practice. 


Almost all RDs joining my program start in level 1. Then if after 6 months you feel like you would benefit from more support we can discuss adding in some 1:1 time with me. But for most RDs level 1 of my Reimbursement Group Coaching Program is everything you need to get started with accepting insurance in your practice. 


Level 1 access 

  • 6 months of access to Reimbursement Coaching Modules with additional access to general information on licensure, tips on starting your private practice & planning for taxes  
  • 6 months of access to our weekly live Group Coaching calls
  • 6 months of access to our private Facebook page for my Group Coaching clients


Price: 6 payments of $697 or pay in full $3764 (save yo'self 10 percent!) 

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