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The Reimbursement Dietitian's Group Coaching Program

My signature course teaches you how to get credentialed, bill the shit out of insurance & make the $$$ you deserve as an RD

The Reimbursement Dietitian's Academy

This is a membership program designed for RDs who are already credentialed looking to grow the shit out of their insurance-based practices 


For dietitians who need support in the day-day operations as well as assistance with trouble-shooting I offer consulting services tailored to your specific needs. 

Something for Everyone ...

I like to think I have a product or service to meet the exact needs of every RD depending on where they are in their reimbursement journey. 

Getting started 

My group reimbursement coaching programs walk you step-step through the credentialing & billing process. This program is great for RDs who are totally new to the insurance world. It is also a great fit for RDs who are credentialed but don't know how the heck to bill. 

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Kinda. Sorta. Got it. 

While my membership program, The Academy, is geared towards RDs who already hold contracts with the insurance companies but need support growing their private practices. 

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Not entirely sure where to start?

I got you, Sis! Let's chat!


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