All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Insurance Based Practice


Level 2


Who is level 2 for? 


Level 2 of my program is for dietitians who have been successfully billing insurance for at least 10 to 12 months OR have successfully completed 6 months at Level 1 of my Group Reimbursement Coaching Program. You are not a total insurance Newbie. However, you by no means feel like a billing rockstar (yet!). In addition to needing to fine-tune your billing skills, you are looking for support on the back end with important tasks like marketing your insurance-based practice, increasing your referral network, refining your practice systems as well as thinking about incorporating programs, packages, and a la carte services with insurance. 


In level 2 of my Reimbursement Coaching Program, you will receive access to everything in Level 1 of my program (curriculum, group calls, FaceBook Page) plus additional resources for up-leveling your insurance-based practice.   


Most importantly, in Level 2 of the reimbursement program you receive ACCESS to ME directly via my personal Voxer Officer Hours and Airtable. You can make weekly submissions and get real-time feedback (Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm). This way you are not stuck spinning your wheels. I help you build your insurance-based empire faster and with the confidence of a 2-year-old wearing wonder woman underwear. I support you where you need it most. This will save you a boatload of time, effort, and aggravation.


Level 2 access

  • Everything in Level 1 plus ...
  • Higher-level resources and coursework for refining your insurance-based practice 
  • To Airtable for project submission and review x 1 per week
  • Voxer Office Hours Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EST

Price: 6 payments of $997 or pay in full $5384 (save yo'self 10 percent!) 

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