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My heart breaks when I see my fellow badass RDN-insurance-based colleagues struggle ...


Let’s face it, Sis! 


Being an insurance-based dietitian is not all rainbows and unicorns. 


If it was ... I would probably swear a heck of lot less! 


While there are certain aspects of the reimbursement process that are easier to master than others, some topics can feel downright overwhelming. 


Hello, convoluted licensure rules I am looking at YOU bee-atch! 


My Reimbursement Master Classes bridge the knowledge gap between what insurance-based dietitians know and what they don’t, enabling them to unapologetically grow the shit out of their practices. 


These individual classes provide specific answers to the most common questions insurance-based dietitians struggle with.

Specific and Focused

Reimbursement shouldn't be complicated, and learning the ropes shouldn't be intimidating! That's why I have designed a simple and engaging learning experience to elevate your confidence and your practice. I have carefully selected the common topics and questions I see insurance-based dietitians struggle with and turned them into single 60-90 minute LIVE interactive classes. Each class will focus on very specific questions and have VERY specific answers. That way you walk away with clarity surrounding the issues that are stressing YOU out most.  

Learn Together

Some of the topics I cover can feel overwhelming. But the cool thing is because these are replays of a LIVE class - I have included the question and answer section of each class.  So while you may have questions throughout the replay there is a good chance I answered the question live. And you can listen to the answer. 

Here are the diggity deets, yo! 

You are purchasing a replay of a live Master Class that occurred in the Fall of 2021/Winter of 2022. 

You receive the replay, any resources I mentioned in the Master Class as well as access to the Q & A section of the recording. 

You have access to all the material for 365 days. 

The intent is you get to cherry-pick exactly which classes are of interest to YOU.


While the LIVE classes were approved by CDR for CEUs - the replays DO NOT currently supply you with any credits.

Check out The Master Class Replays Available for Purchase

Show me the Master Classes

Amy P. reporting for class ...


Hi, my name is Amy Plano, The Reimbursement Dietitian and I will be your instructor for all of the rad Reimbursement Master Classes. I totally 10000000 percent understand what it's like to feel all the feels when it comes to certain areas of the reimbursement process. After all, I started my private practice in 2007 when I was a lonely little intern at Yale-New Haven Hospital. 


If that's not ballsy then I am not sure what is. 


I had my first insurance contract in my hands about 3 months after becoming RD and ... I have been billing the shit out of insurance every since. 


However, don't let my confidence fool you. When I first started, I didn't know my ass from my elbow. I was no different than you. Some shit I picked up pretty quick. While other aspects of the reimbursement topics took what felt like years and years of trial and error to master. But I did. It was far from pretty but I now run a multi-6 figure group practice almost exclusively based on an insurance model. 


So basically since 2008, I have been writing THE book on insurance and private practice. Kinda like the Nutrition Care Model for insurance-based dietitians!  


Think about my Reimbursement Master Classes like mini-chapters in this book. And rather than read the entire book, you get to selectively choose the chapters which interest YOU the most. 


Through my signature reimbursement courses and membership, I have helped HUNDREDS of dietitians successfully navigate insurance, bill the shit out of insurance, and make the money they deserve.


My Reimbursement Master Classes are all on topics I have personally struggled with and have helped the dietitians in my programs successfully navigate. Therefore, in my topic-specific classes, you will get the REAL deal of what I know works and what not to waste your time on. No more spinning your wheels, wasting time searching for the answers. Just the 411 from Amy P. herself. 


Now let's do this, Boss. 

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Show me the Master Classes