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My heart breaks when I see my fellow badass RDN-insurance-based colleagues struggle ...


Let’s face it, Sis! 


Being an insurance-based dietitian is not all rainbows and unicorns. 


If it was ... I would probably swear a heck of lot less! 


While there are certain aspects of the reimbursement process that are easier to master than others, some topics can feel downright overwhelming. 


Hello, convoluted licensure rules I am looking at YOU bee-atch! 


My Reimbursement Master Classes bridge the knowledge gap between what insurance-based dietitians know and what they don’t, enabling them to unapologetically grow the shit out of their practices. 


These individual classes provide specific answers to the most common questions insurance-based dietitians struggle with.

Specific and Focused

Reimbursement shouldn't be complicated, and learning the ropes shouldn't be intimidating! That's why I have designed a simple and engaging learning experience to elevate your confidence and your practice. I have carefully selected the common topics and questions I see insurance-based dietitians struggle with and turned them into single 60-90 minute LIVE interactive classes. Each class will focus on very specific questions and have VERY specific answers. That way you walk away with clarity surrounding the issues that are stressing YOU out most.  

Learn Together

With my Reimbursement Master Classes, the number of dietitians in each class size will be small. At the start of each month, I will only release a certain amount of spots. And once they are gone - they are gone. It's important that the classes feel intimate and personal. Some of the topics I will cover can feel overwhelming. So I want to be able to answer any and ALL questions you have on the topic I am presenting on. That's what I am here for!

Here are the diggity deets, yo! 

Enrollment is very limited for each class. I will open up enrollment for each class on the 1st of each month. As you can see I teach 2 classes per month. The enrollment for BOTH classes starts on the 1st of the month in which they are being offered. Each class will have a separate enrollment. You will have the option to enroll in both classes being offered that month (at a discount) but you don't have to.

The intent is you get to cherry-pick exactly which classes are of interest to YOU.


You will receive 1.25 - 2.0 CEUs for attending the LIVE class. 


The courses will be offered live. However, a replay will ALWAYS be sent out within 72 hours of the live event along with any resources I shared. 

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How much is your lack of clarity with reimbursement costing you, Sis?


  • TIME - how many hours have you spent scouring the web for answers to your insurance-based questions only to finish more confused than when you started?


  • MONEY - how much cheddar are you potentially leaving on the table because you are confused by billing practices for RDNs?


  • SANITY - how much bandwidth are your insurance-related questions consuming in that smart little head of yours? 


Dietitian: You don't know, what you don't know. And unfortunately, that can be costing you on SO many levels. 

No Bullshit. 

The classes are uber-focused, chock-full of resources & action-oriented. I am not giving you a bunch of B.S. info - I am TEACHING you how to solve your insurance-based problems. 

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Tailored experienced. 

Insurance-based RDNs are unique as the day is long. We all struggle with different shit. And that is cool! Sign up ONLY for the classes that interest YOU. 

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I got you boo.

I will do my very BEST to secure CEUs for each class. As you can imagine CDR can be a 'treat' to deal with. But pinky swear if I can get you credits I will. #RDonamission 

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Amy P. reporting for class ...


Hi, my name is Amy Plano, The Reimbursement Dietitian and I will be your instructor for all of the rad Reimbursement Master Classes. I totally 10000000 percent understand what it's like to feel all the feels when it comes to certain areas of the reimbursement process. After all, I started my private practice in 2007 when I was a lonely little intern at Yale-New Haven Hospital. 


If that's not ballsy then I am not sure what is. 


I had my first insurance contract in my hands about 3 months after becoming RD and ... I have been billing the shit out of insurance every since. 


However, don't let my confidence fool you. When I first started, I didn't know my ass from my elbow. I was no different than you. Some shit I picked up pretty quick. While other aspects of the reimbursement topics took what felt like years and years of trial and error to master. But I did. It was far from pretty but I now run a multi-6 figure group practice almost exclusively based on an insurance model. 


So basically since 2008, I have been writing THE book on insurance and private practice. Kinda like the Nutrition Care Model for insurance-based dietitians!  


Think about my Reimbursement Master Classes like mini-chapters in this book. And rather than read the entire book, you get to selectively choose the chapters which interest YOU the most. 


Through my signature reimbursement courses and membership, I have helped HUNDREDS of dietitians successfully navigate insurance, bill the shit out of insurance, and make the money they deserve.


My Reimbursement Master Classes are all on topics I have personally struggled with and have helped the dietitians in my programs successfully navigate. Therefore, in my topic-specific classes, you will get the REAL deal of what I know works and what not to waste your time on. No more spinning your wheels, wasting time searching for the answers. Just the 411 from Amy P. herself. 


Now let's do this, Boss. 

Ready to get skooled on the reimbursement process?

Enroll in this month's Reimbursement Master Class offerings 

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At The Reimbursement Dietitian, I want you to feel confident and empowered in your insurance-based practice. 


In order to achieve this, you need to bridge the knowledge gap between what you know about reimbursement and what you don't know. And trust me, Sis! There ain't NO shame in NOT knowing. The problem lies in not taking the initiative to figure shit out.


The REAL issue is some of the questions you have about reimbursement, well, the answers are either not out there or almost impossible to find. This can make a crappy situation even worse and leave you questioning whether or not an insurance-based model was the right decision in the first place.


I believe no insurance-based dietitian should have to intentionally struggle with questions and problems I already know the solutions to. My Reimbursement Master Classes provide solutions to some of the most commonly asked questions and struggles insurance-based dietitians encounter with the reimbursement process.


Here's how my Reimbursement Master Classes work ...


1. I create uber-specific classes around the MOST common reimbursement-related topics dietitians struggle with. My classes are offered LIVE, are 60-90 minutes in length and are SOLUTION-focused. There is ALWAYS plenty of time for topic-specific questions. And yes, I always send out a replay if you can't attend live. You will leave the class informed, confident, and high-fiving yourself for all the time you saved yo'self chasing down information. 


2. I offer 2 classes per month. Enrollment for each class opens on the first day of the month in which the classes are being offered. I keep the classes small. Depending on the topic each one will have a student cap. Some reimbursement topics are hard to navigate and can create a boatload of anxiety for insurance-based dietitians. It is important for me I have enough time to address any and all questions related to the topic. I want each one of you to feel empowered and comfortable with the topic at hand. I can only accomplish this if I restrict the number of attendees. 


3. Once you are enrolled in the class you will receive a link to join the live class in ZOOM. I will first present on the topic. Then I will open up the call for questions on the topic and material covered. I will share with you any resources I feel will be useful. I will NOT be teaching the credentialing or billing process in any of my Reimbursement Classes. I will likely be addressing them briefly in certain classes. However, for dietitians looking to get started with insurance, I HIGHLY recommend my Group Reimbursement Coaching Program. The information presented in my Master Classes will in no shape or form REPLACE my EPIC programs. These classes are super-specific allowing dietitians to selectively choose which ones they want to take based on their own individual interests. 

Ready to get skooled on the reimbursement process?

Enroll in this month's Reimbursement Master Class offerings 

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