What are other dietitians just like you saying about The Reimbursement Dietitian's Services ?!? 

Trevia Garcia, Registered Dietitian



Having a private practice is a lot of work. When I first started out, I only accepted cash. I worked really hard for 2 years writing blog posts, making videos, posting on Pinterest, spending 1000s on content marketing courses, improving my mindset, developing my ideal customer avatar, and going to networking events. I worked hard and sold a small handful of coaching packages. I worked hard to learn about insurance, but I actually get paid a lot of money for it! In my first month of accepting insurance, I saw more clients and made more money than I did the previous 2 years accepting only cash. I found the biggest barrier to cash pay is people don't really know how dietitians help and our value, it's a crowded health/weight management space with lots of competition, and clients have insurance and they want to use it. After a year of accepting insurance (in 2020 even during the pandemic), my practice was so full I hired a virtual assistant. I started working with Amy P. at that time when I had been accepting insurance for a year. She helped me to figure out and clean up all my systems so that I always get paid. She also helped me to onboard 2 dietitians after only 2 years of private practice. And she has helped my mindset so that I don't stress out all the time. She's always super calm and makes me feel that I can do this and succeed. She believes in me, so I believe in myself.


Claire Carlton MS, RD, LD/N 


IG: @mindful.gut.nutritionist


This investment is worth every penny! Amy truly delivers not only in the reimbursement course but also in her membership. She is a wealth of information and a true inspiration to show us all what's possible as a dietitian accepting insurance. Amy's trainings, webinars, and resources are comprehensive and provide you with all the information you need to start taking action.

Akeena St. Martin, MS, RDN, LD, CHWG


IG: @aksnutrition


If you are considering Amy's services I would tell you, there isn't much to consider. And to just sign up! Your services pay for themselves. You provide everything that's needed for reimbursement and more.

Kate Ragsdale, RD


North Carolina

This program I guarantee WILL help you if you want to be credentialed with insurance companies. Is there ANYONE else out there that helps RDs navigate this complicated process? Amy's your girl.

After completing Amy's program I started my LLC, contracted with 2 insurance companies, and started submitting claims (AND RECEIVING PAYMENTS!!!!) for my first client. Intangible, I gained CONFIDENCE, something you can't learn without the practice and support of a community such as the Group Reimbursement Coaching program.

Laura Curcio, Registered Dietitian




Amy Plano provides thorough and accessible information on how to navigate building an insurance-based nutrition practice. Amy anticipates what the user needs and delivers a large variety of information in a creative, fun, and structured manner. The value of what Amy provides in her Reimbursement Dietitian program is incredible. I recommend her services to all Dietitians who want to learn to bill insurance on their own.

Marykate Branche, RDN, LDN


New Jersey 

Do it! Working with Amy has been the best decision that I could have made for my business. There is so much to learn and work through that having a fantastic mentor is necessary! Your investment in yourself and your practice will be repaid.


Christina Lombardi, MS, RD


IG: @christinalombardird 

New York 

The Reimbursement Dietitian's Membership group has helped me understand insurance billing better and rock my claims and payments. I always get timely responses to any questions I have and love the course content and monthly webinars.


Kim Riley, Registered Dietitian



The best money spent on my business. There are many other programs out there that try to box you into thinking a certain way, but Amy doesn't do that. She wants you to do you with the best possible outcomes AND take advantage of insurance.


Dorothy Dawn, RDN


Dorothy Dawn (DodieRd) - Facebook; @DodieRD and @MensNutritionist - IG; Dorothy Dawn - LinkedIn; Dorothy Dawn - YouTube


If you are looking to work with Amy, it's the biggest no-brainer in history!


Edith Yang, RD, CSR, CLT, FAND


IG: @healthymissiondietitian


Definitely worth the price! You get so much for the monthly membership. So many resources and Amy is so quick to reply to any questions or concerns.

Kaitlyn Seguin, MS, RD 


IG: @dietitian_kaitlyn

North Carolina 

This program provides you everything to get your insurance-based practice running and you get the help of Amy herself. It would have taken me years to gain the knowledge that Amy has taught me.

What I enjoyed most was Amy provided all the resources and more! And if you didn’t have it, then you would put it on your to-do list and send it out when it was done. You were constantly updating the course with new information and resources.

Hilary Leggio, RD


IG: @hpeacerd


If your goal is to be an insurance-based RD practice, this is the one to do. There's not a problem you're going to encounter that Amy hasn't seen yet/can't provide guidance for. This program is SO effective. I felt very well equipped after completing the program to bill insurance and run my own practice. I also love that we receive support after the program is done.


Elly Wilson, RD



My favorite part was the step-by-step process. I don’t think I could’ve gotten credentialed without this group. It helped me from getting overwhelmed. Also, it was nice to know other dietitians were in it with me. Amy breaks up the frustrating process into chunks and helps you every step of the way. It is worth the investment!

Dash Holland, RD



The Reimbursement Coaching Program saved me so much time by knowing exactly what to do every step of the way. Now I can bill with confidence! If you are on the fence about joining I can sincerely tell you that it will pay for itself by helping you have all the tools to be set up so you can focus on bringing I clients. 


Shawna Dixon Rowe, RD


If you are debating joining the program just do it! You won’t regret it Amy is there to help you step by step to get credentialed and start to bill insurance. I am now credentialed with two insurance companies and waiting for a third. I also have more confidence in working on my private practice knowing that I will be successful.



Daniela VelasteguiMS, RD, CSG


New Jersey

My favorite part about the Group Reimbursement Coaching Program was all the resources and videos explaining everything step by step. I also loved that it allowed me to go at my own pace. The program helped me get started on setting up my practice and getting credentialed. I would highly recommend the program to anyone dietitian looking to accept insurance in their practice. 



Kristen Smaldone, MS, RD, CSP, CD-N



If you are concerned about the investment, hands down you get beyond what you pay for the course. The information and support are literally priceless. The program kick-started me into feeling like I was capable of accepting insurance because I had all the tools I needed to do it successfully. I loved the plethora of super-organized information, the ease of the course, and how accessible Amy was for questions every step of the way.

Carol Wong, MS, RD



If you know you want to bill insurance, this program is non-negotiable. Insurance credentialing and billing is a ton of legal verbiage we weren’t taught in school, and we need to understand what we’re signing up for. Amy uses a mix of humor and practicality to explain dry topics. I felt confident in billing insurance companies and knew support was there if I did it wrong. Which I didn't feel in the past. All claims have been paid so far!!!! I was brand new to private practice, let alone billing insurance when I first signed up. I also loved the quick responses to my questions in the FB group (no matter how trivial or if it was covered in the modules).

Koran Watson, RD



Do it worth the money! Amy gives you literally everything you need. My favorite part was the Facebook community that fostered your ability to support users through the process. The program saved me SOOOOO much time. I learned straight from the expert and established a super-strong foundation for my insurance-based practice. 




Gargi Parikh, RD, CDE, MPH 



Don't even think twice. If you want to learn the right way to bill and set up your insurance-based practice, Amy's your gal. Once I completed the program I felt fully confident that I knew the formula to bill. I get paid nearly every time and that's just amazing. I was doing billing for my former employer and I was spending 3x the time doing it and she wasn't getting paid because she didn't know what she was doing and as a result neither did I :) Now I do! 


JeJe Noval, PhD, MS, RDN, CLT, IFNCP 



My favorite part of the program was Amy’s lightning-speed response whenever I would ask a question on the FB group chat. She answered all my questions helping me overcome my fear to take on and process insurance reimbursements. You won’t regret it! It’s worth it to learn from the best.


John Canlas, RD 



If you want to grow your private practice and want an "edge" against trainers, health coaches, and "nutritionists" out there doing nutrition plans, taking insurance is the "edge' you're looking for. They don't take insurance but you can so as long as you have physicians referring to you. Eventually, you'll flow with steady referrals. I feel like Amy's program provided me with the confidence and resources to build my own business, make an impact in the way I want to. It helped me get started with my insurance-based practice, point me in the right direction, and give me the courage to go for it. 


Franciel Ikeji 



If you have experienced being stuck or spinning your wheels at any step in the credentialing/contracting or billing insurance process - this program is where you need to be! It will pay for itself in the time you save, new insurance contracts you're able to get and the new clients you'll have just a few months after completing the program. I am now contracted with 2 insurance companies and have already doubled the number of clients I've had in the month after completing the program - compared to the year prior! And I've successfully billed and been paid for these visits. Because I am part part-time with my practice, I wasn't sure I'd be able to grasp the business and management systems part of running a successful practice. But Amy really helped me build systems to operate the business side and have confidence in those skills.


Chelsea DeAngelis, MPH, RD, LDN



Amy's program provided me with the resources I needed to start accepting insurance. The program will pay for itself with what you will make from accepting insurance. Thanks to the program I now feel super confident in billing insurance and processing claims. 


Adabel Laurel, RD 


Join Amy's tribe, do not think about it twice. If money is an issue, rest assured that if you do your homework and follow her tips, the money invested with quickly pay off and you'll begin to reap the benefits of being an insurance-based Dietitian.

For years I saw patients as contract work thinking the hourly rate was great. Now, having been credentialed, seeing my own set of patients, and having the reimbursement all for my own private practice makes me realize how valuable having Amy in my career is. Join her group, and when you are done with that, join her tribe and stay in touch because she is full of knowledge. I cannot thank her enough! I am excited about what is yet to come! Intangible: Her daily messages really touch home. Sometimes, I open up my IG and I see a post from her and it feels as if she was in my thoughts! Why? BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! She is an AMAZING mentor...the bits and pieces of knowledge I have gained as far as running a private practice are monumental. And this is only my part-time job!


Brooke Briscoe, MS, RD, CDN, CLT


New York

I knew absolutely nothing about insurance. Now I am finally feeling confident in my abilities to run an insurance-based practice. Even if you *think* you know everything there is to know about insurance, I promise you - you don't! Amy's resources are top-notch and I am beyond thrilled I invested in the program. 



Lauren Bath, RD


My insurance-based practice was non-existent before the group! I loved how strong the support and resources were. Plus, the biggie was how easy the step-by-step processes were that Amy lays out for you! 


Amy Yeoman, MS, RD, CD



IG: @fuel_to_thrive

10000000% do Amy's program! Amy has given me the guidance to change my practice from a "will I make it?" to "I am growing faster than I ever expected." She has given me tools for billing insurance (which I never thought I would do), growing my practice, hiring, expanding, and having a well-functioning practice that supports my life. Amy also gave me the confidence to grow and helped me see my worth as a dietitian. Her guidance has paid for itself over and over... it was worth the investment!! I will forever be grateful for Amy's guidance as I truly believe she has helped me create a practice that enhances my life instead of drains it.